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A metroidvania game inspired by the beloved classics and based on its own epic universe.

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About this game

Help Sephius, the protagonist, on an adventure filled with detractors, monsters, hunters and grave danger.

As dramatic events are unfolded, you have to fight for survival in a new hostile environment. 

Discover, explore, and unite pales and darks as you play through different dimensions of reality!


"Ophelos: the world of Light, Zigardth: the world of Darkness. The Lands of Oblivion, somewhere in the between. If you die there... you vanish!"


Long ago, a world divided between Light and Darkness emerged and Pales and Darks blinked into existence. Despite their world being split in two by a cataclysmic event, it did not take long for the two cultures to discover each other. War followed, fuelled by the prejudice between them.


Ages later, in a dark pit, in a cursed land, a strange creature rises from a pile of corpses with no memories or knowledge about himself or the world around him. He is the first and only of his kind: a hybrid, carrying the essences of Light and Dark.

As soon he appears, Pales and Darks rejected him fiercely, forcing him to face alone the dangers of those lands.


Follow this hybrid’s journey through the madness of war. Discover with him the strange nature of that universe and its inhabitants. Help him on his journey to unite two clashing cultures, and learn the intriguing truth of his origin.



Episodic Metroidvania: Elaborate level design that encourages exploration and evolution of skills in an engaging manner.

Essence Absorption: Absorb essences from other beings, allowing the player to gain strength, abilities. Discover a diverse combination of elements, natures, and personas that can be merged into a multitude of spell variants.

Equipment, weapons, and more: Access an arsenal of equipment and weapons, each with their own attributes, abilities and attack patterns.

Immersive visuals: Cutting-edge 3D graphics with a dark, realistic style, different environments, and dynamic lighting. Encounter beautifully detailed models and environments with a fine tuned, intuitive interface.